A guide to perfect wedding planning!

This is how the journey towards the "I do" day begins

The marriage proposal has arrived and now it's time to plan the best day of your life!

Wedding planning is an overwhelming phase that requires a lot of time, patience and commitment. From the choice of wedding dress to the choice of location, from compiling the wedding list to the guest list, from identifying the theme to the choice of floral decorations and bouquet, to dealing with possible unforeseen events. There are so many decisions to be made and of course everyone dreams of the perfect wedding. But where should you start when planning your wedding?

If you want to find out how best to organise the most important day of your life, follow our handy guide and you'll see your dream come true!

Here are the first 7 essential steps in organising the perfect event...


      Everything starts here. The first decision to be made is the day on which you will say "Yes, I do". Of course, there are a few key aspects to bear in mind when choosing the day of the event:

      • Take your time so that you can prepare your wedding calmly and carefully work out all the details. The advice is to think about it at least a year in advance. Moving well in advance may also give you the opportunity to set the wedding day on a date that is "special" to you.
      • Identifying the season in which to get married is a crucial choice as it will determine every other aspect of the wedding, from the wedding dress, to the type of reception, to the floral decorations.
      • Keep an eye on the calendar to ensure that your wedding does not coincide with a national or regional holiday.
      • Finding out about the availability of the church and reception venue is another step to take before deciding on the wedding day.


      There is no such thing as an ideal or fixed budget; each couple decides how much they want to invest according to their financial possibilities. Drawing up a list of priorities and then defining what is essential for you becomes an important step as it will allow you to have a clear picture of the investments to be made for each item of expenditure.


      After the friends you can't do without and the closest relatives, deciding who to invite to your wedding becomes a really thorny task. Between your parents' requests and the formal invitations there will be a war to the last chair!


      A Catholic ceremony takes much longer than a civil ceremony. If your wish is to get married in a church, consider that you will need about 85 days to complete all the steps required for the religious ceremony, from the choice of parish, premarital training, to the parish and municipal banns. Then you have 180 days to get married, after which the documents are no longer valid and you have to start again from scratch.

      The civil ceremony is a much more flexible procedure and the timeframe is shorter. In this case, the bureaucratic process will keep you busy for about a month, followed by the 180 days within which to get married.


      Also in this case, the first recommendation is to move in time. Start looking for a location about 10 months beforehand and your chances of finding the venue you have fallen in love with will increase.


      The photographer and the video maker are undoubtedly two indispensable figures on the most important day of your life. They are the ones who will immortalise the most beautiful and emotional moments of your wedding in a professional manner.


      First of all, the music should reflect the style of your wedding, the type of celebration you want to experience and share with your guests and, of course, the couple you are.

      Consider, then, that if you have decided to get married in a church, you will probably need to hire different musicians. Therefore, ask for quotes from each one and find out about deposits so that the total amount of musical entertainment does not exceed your budget.

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