Do not forget…

Here’s what you absolutely must remember to have at your wedding!

It all starts with an English tradition and is based on a phrase from the Victorian era: “Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue. And a silver sixpence in your shoes”.
Each accessory has its own meaning and represents something important, especially on an emotional level. In recent years, in Italy, the sixpence coin in the shoe has been replaced by ‘something given away’.

For your big day, do not forget…

      Wedding in Tuscany - Bed and Breakfast Villa di Sotto


      To give importance to the link with the past and thus to the values handed down by the family of origin

      Any ideas? Wear a necklace from your grandmother, the veil you married your mother with, the wedding dress that has been handed down from generation to generation or sew a button from an old dress that belonged to a relative with whom you have a deep connection into your wedding dress.

      Wedding in Tuscany - Bed and Breakfast Villa di Sotto


      As a symbol of hope and optimism for the new life that is beginning.

      Any ideas? In most cases it is the wedding dress itself, but it can also be a lipstick, an accessory, a piece of jewellery or a particular perfume.

      Wedding in Tuscany - Bed and Breakfast Villa di Sotto


      Choosing to borrow something from a happy couple as if to attract some of their happiness to oneself was a custom of the past. Today, however, it is the friends who willingly give something truly personal to the bride as a sign of love.

      Any ideas? An accessory, the wedding dress or a piece of jewellery.

      Wedding in Tuscany - Bed and Breakfast Villa di Sotto


      The choice of the colour blue over all other colours is linked to its symbolism as it carries the meaning of purity, fidelity and love.

      Any ideas? A ribbon sewn into the wedding dress, a garter in a shade, a sapphire, jewellery in the colour of sea water or a pair of shoes to stand out from all the others.

      Wedding in Tuscany - Bed and Breakfast Villa di Sotto


      Thoughts turn to the economic prosperity of the new family being formed.

      Any ideas? Place the coin inside the bride’s left shoe or sew it inside the dress. If you can’t find the sixpence, you can easily replace it with a one-cent coin.

      Wedding in Tuscany - Bed and Breakfast Villa di Sotto


      In Italy, a small gift from a person who has a strong connection with the bride is preferred to a coin.

      Any ideas? A pair of earrings from the mother-in-law, a garter from friends, underwear or a hair accessory.

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