The countdown to the most beautiful day!

Here are all the advice you need to organise your wedding in the best possible way and without stress

The big day is coming up and if emotions are running high, the preparation of the wedding becomes much more challenging. But don’t panic, we’ll help you organise everything! Ready to take notes?

Here are the steps to follow to make your wedding day unique and special!


      • Choose your wedding day: the first thing to decide is undoubtedly the date for the big day. The advice is to take into account not only the availability of your guests, but also the atmosphere and style you want to give to your wedding.
      • Establish the budget to spend on organising your wedding. In this case, it can be useful to draw up a list of priorities and ask for quotes from different suppliers.
      • Book the church and reception venue considering the number of guests and the mood you have chosen for your wedding.
      • Contact the photographer and video maker to capture the most beautiful moments of your wedding.
      • Define a training programme if you have decided to get fit before the big day.


      • Decide on your wedding theme and start looking for your wedding dress: if you don’t have a clear idea, the advice is to take inspiration from magazines or directly from the Internet so that you can choose the style that suits you best.
      • Contact the parish priest to confirm the church and start the premarital course.
      • Drawing up the guest list: it is important to establish up to which degree of kinship invitations can be extended.
      • Choose your wedding witnesses and tell them, even in the most surprising way.
      • Send the Save the Date to your guests,a small reminder to announce your wedding day.
      • Prepare your wedding list and define your honeymoon:if you want your guests to contribute to the realisation of your dream, now is the time to open your wedding list.


      • Order your wedding invitations, wedding favours and floral for the church, reception and bouquet.
      • Hire musicians for both the ceremony and the reception; and if you want afterhours contact a DJ as well.
      • Contact the professionals who will take care of the Make Up and Hair Style.
      • Hire a vehicle to travel to and from the ceremony venue.
      • Distribute the invitations either by delivering them in person or by sending them by post. In the second case, the advice is to make sure, with a phone call, that they have been received.
      • Choose the wedding rings: choose the person who will be responsible for giving them to you.
      • Choose the groom’s suit and those of the groomsmen and bridesmaids: if you choose a tailored suit for the groom, longer delivery times should be considered. For the little ones, the ideal is to choose coordinated suits with elements and/or colours that recall the theme of the entire ceremony.
      • Define the reception menu and the wedding cake.


      • Picking up the wedding rings: also think about how you want them to be carried down the aisle, i.e. on a cushion or in some other way..
      • Updating the guest list and assigning places at the table: the recommendation here is to keep in mind the relationships between guests if you want to avoid gaffes.
      • Make a general fitting of the wedding dress and collect the groom’s suit.
      • Make an inspection of the church and reception venue and contact the musicians, florist and photographer to make sure everything is going well.

      3 – 2 WEEKS BEFORE

      • Define all the details: such as the timing of the day, who will do the readings, who will drive the bride’s car, where to take the photos after the ceremony. Nothing should be left to chance!
      • Check the number of people who have signed up for the reception, asking those who are undecided to inform the suppliers and the caterer of the exact number of guests.
      • ● Make a final fitting of the wedding dress and decide on the accessories.
      • Have a bachelor/bachelorette party with your closest friends.


      • Take a look at the weather: in case of bad weather discuss Plan B with suppliers.
      • Have a rehearsal of the wedding procession: so you can go over the manner and order of entry.
      • Go to the beauty salon to have your hair cut and/or coloured and have a thorough manicure and pedicure.
      • Pick up your wedding dress and accessories.


      • Check table arrangements, table settings, decorations and place cards.
      • Confirm appointments with hairdresser, make-up artist, photographer, driver for the following morning..
      • Entrust the bride with everything she needs to touch up her make-up, as well as a spare pair of stockings, a pair of comfortable shoes and a needle and thread, just in case!


      • Wake up early.
      • Complete your manicure, hairdo and make-up.
      • Having the bouquet delivered to your home…

      Now everything is ready, all that’s missing is your Yes!

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