Many small steps for a big result

"Every individual has the power to make the world a better place"

cit. S. Bambarén

Our commitment to a SUSTAINABLE FUTURE

sustainability - Villa di Sotto
What you FIND
  • YES QR code to scan with your smartphone to reduce paper usage
  • YES sanitised glass bottles inside our kitchens to reduce plastic use and smog
  • YES linen that dries in the open air to reduce energy consumption and increase fabric softness
  • YES separate collection to recover raw materials and limit environmental degradation
  • YES energy-saving light bulbs to reduce costs and ensure adequate lighting
  • YES wide green spaces for sports and relaxation in total safety
  • YES protection of biodiversity and respect for the traditions of the Land of Chianti to preserve natural capital and ensure the proper functioning of ecosystems
  • YES personalised and exclusive experiences to best suit different needs and ensure proper enjoyment of the moment
  • YES local staff to stimulate occupation of the area and at the same time reduce displacement
  • YES 0 km products from our garden, local and seasonal products to always have quality on our table and pay attention to the environment
  • YES local soaps in bottles in our bathrooms to reduce waste and offer a high quality product
  • YES solar panels to produce energy at reduced costs and zero impact on the environment
sustainability - Villa di Sotto
What you DON'T FIND
  • NO menus or information on paper in accommodation
  • NO plastic bottles on the restaurant tables
  • NO electric tumble dryer
  • NO undifferentiated bins
  • NO high energy consumption lights
  • NO smog
  • NO distortion of soil in surrounding fields
  • NO collective and group experiences
  • NO workers with distant residence
  • NO food products from other countries
  • NO soaps in disposable bottles in our bathrooms


Here is how:

  • NO waste of water and electricity
  • YES use only when and in the amount needed
  • NO daily change of all towels
  • YES change only the towels you need
  • NO undifferentiated waste
  • YES separate waste collection