Fortified oasis in the Chianti mountains

Vertine is one of the best preserved examples of military architecture in Chianti and more precisely in the municipality of Gaiole.

The excellent condition in which it is located today, especially the castle with its almost oval shape, most of the fortifications and many of the buildings located around a circle of avenues and open spaces, make it a more than interesting destination.

The origins of the castle are thought to be before the year 1000, but in the 12th century it became a feud of the Ricasoli family, and their residence during the two Aragonese wars (1452/1483), then commissioners in Chianti for the Republic. A strategic point and governmental seat of the Republic, it underwent a remarkable restoration in the 16th century.

Even in this fortified oasis since the sixties things have gradually changed as in the rest of agricultural Tuscany. In the 1950s, about six hundred people lived in Vertine and the surrounding farmhouses. It was fine, the main families were very few.

Towards the end of the 1980s, (but especially since the 1990s) people had chosen to move around for more interesting jobs. In addition to this, tourism has also changed in the new residents of the village, until then owners of second homes, but still culturally amateurs and connoisseurs of the place. Vertine is characterized and is characterized by being a place in constant change.

Why should you visit Vertine

it is a perfectly preserved ancient fortified village

it is located along the Strada dei Castelli

from here it is possible to admire an enchanting and changing panorama

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