Cooking class

Cooking Class

During your stay, we invite you to prepare with us the typical dishes of Tuscan cuisine on location.You will learn about famous Tuscan dishes such as crostini, soups, fresh pasta, grilled meats and much more. During our cooking school classes you will learn how prepare typical Tuscan dishes by hand as Tuscan Nonnas, or grandmothers, do. Villa di Sotto offers you the possibility to choose between two different cooking school experiences:

  1. Pasta & Ragu: You will learn how to make fresh pasta with "rolling pin" like grandmothers did. Afterwards you will prepare the meat sauce with local products and, finally, you will make a typical surprise cake.;
  2. Veal Entree: You will learn how to cook the veal nuggets in a saucepan with a side dish. You will end up with the preparation of a typical surprise cake.

Each lesson will end with a lunch or dinner, during which the dishes prepared together will be served. The times and days of the cooking school will be agreed at the time of booking. For more information you can contact us by e-mail at or via phone/whatsapp 347 9327090.

For any type of information please contact us!

You can contact us by telephone on weekdays after 2:30 p.m., saturdays and sundays always available

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